We’re probably overdue for our first developer update blog post, but even so we’ve been keeping busy with the development of Harrowing Adventures!

This week is an exciting week because we have finished building the architecture for the single player game, which will serve as the prologue to Harrowing Adventures. So we’ve made a game! To quote Dr. Frankenstein in the 1931 movie, “It’s Alive!” Our next task is to finish developing all of the content (i.e., writing the story) to go into the prologue, which is something we’ve already started doing.

Once we finish writing and editing the content, Jeremy is going to create some additional artwork for the game and Mark is going to work on programming some additional bells and whistles. Stay tuned for more details on all of that!

We expect that the writing, art, and additional programming will be done by the end of the summer. At that point, we’ll release the one player prologue as a free-to-play demo on the web. That will give you something to play with while we then dive back into development and build the multiplayer version of Harrowing Adventures.

2 comments on “Developer Update #1 – It’s Alive!”

  • Daza says:

    Sounds good. I only just discovered your project and look forward to learning more and getting my hands on the free demo when it’s released into the wild- which would be good for you guys to get feedback from the wild itself.

    I have to say I am more interested in the Multiplayer concept, but i am sure the SP version will be a good foundation or stepping stone for players to know the game world and such. Will keep my eyes peeled on your development and your blog.

    • Thanks for the comment! We’re working hard on the demo, and it shouldn’t be too long before we can share it. And when we do, we would love feedback. And we’re most excited about the multi-player aspects as well. Those, however, aren’t going to be ready to show until a little further down the road.

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